Abandoned (re)creation was founded in 2011 in Trenčianske Teplice as an initiative aimed at highlighting, reviving and activating the residents and visitors interest in the abandoned heritage sites in the spa town through artistic interventions. In its initial two years, the project operated as a workshop for students and recent graduates, mostly from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design. The participants were supposed to respond to the dilapidated architecture by site-specific installations and interventions in the public space. 

Reconstruction – balcony
site specific intervention, 2012
Reconstructed colour scheme of the balcony on abandoned curative house Machnáč.
The curative house Machnác is one of the crowning achievements of Functionalist architecture in Slovakia, 
as well as one of the great works in the oeuvre of the Prague architect Jaromír Krejcar.
Tourist map of abandoned (re)creation

installation in public space, 2012

Map of abandoned objects in spa town Trenčianske Teplice, colour divide according to ownership.
Closed due to a bad weather
installation, print on paper, 2011
The swimming pool ‘Green Frog’ is one of the great works of late Czechoslovak functionalism, and was regarded by the architect Bohuslav Fuchs as one of his two personal favourites.
This swimming pool has been deteriorating for 10 years. During this period each year a new announcement has been added on an information board thus creating a heterogeneous collage. The aim of adding a table: “Closed due to a bad weather” was to confuse visitors as well as remind them an original announcement from the times when the swimming pool was closed.
Water for the Frog, 2011
Lightening, 2011